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Amphibia BASE has led the development
of Engineered Bamboo Products (EBPs) using fibres, strips and mats.

Our most recent product development concerns Cross Laminated Guadua-bamboo panels (G-XLam) using densified strips of the bamboo species Guadua angustifolia Kunth.

The development of Engineered Bamboo Products (EBPs) such as G-XLam has required optimisation and innovation on manufacturing technologies. Our flying bamboo factory (Flybam) project tackles many of the current issues that the bamboo industry is facing.

At the core of our company's values is the commitment to conduct research & development activities, as well as capacity building and the transfer of knowledge.

Our research capabilities stretch across multiple disciplines in the scientific and engineering fields with a close link to the social sciences

We are part of renown research groups in the UK and internationally, participate on standardisation committees and theme specific Tasks Forces, which give us the opportunity of collaborating, attending conferences and publishing our work.

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