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Amphibia BASE specializes in the structural design and calculation of functionalsafe and
building-code-compliant, permanent and temporary bamboo and timber structures.

Our experience spans across several areas within the civil engineering discipline.

Amphibia BASE has participated in several projects concerning structural engineering, earthquake engineering, materials engineering, geotechnical engineering and architectural and construction engineering.

As with conventional construction, in bamboo and bio-based buildings, connections and footings are key elements of the structure.

At Amphibia BASE,
we design, calculate, model and test, efficient, functional and innovative connections
and footing systems.

The use of computational-aided design software in all our structural engineering projects allow us to design, assess, simulate and optimize the structure’s particular and/or overall response to specific loading and serviceability conditions.

Among our capabilities, we have been challenged with special retrofitting projects using bamboo and bio-based materials. These projects have been remarkable learning experiences, which have required all of our expertise and a continuous process of assessmentredesign and 
trial and error to solve unexpected
issues on-site

Construction processes with Bio-based materials require special attention to detail.
All of our built projects have had custom designs for footings, connections, services, lighting and in many cases furniture

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