we are

Amphibia BASE is an international professional services firm specialising in
Bio-based Architecture and Structural Engineering.

Since 1999 we have successfully undertaken several design, building and research projects using bamboo.


We operate under a 'triple bottom line' strategy across all areas of our business.

We are committed to deliver 
economic, socially viable, and environmentally sustainable solutions for the built environment.


Our brand identity (Amphibia)
reflects our readiness to adapt to our changing environment.

We transform and equip ourselves
with the key knowledge, skills and tools to deliver innovative and
context-appropriate solutions
to global challenges.


Our international profile. We are multicultural, multidisciplinary and multifaceted.

We are the result of a fusion between magic realism, practical experience, scientific knowledge and quality engineering.

© 2016 Amphibia

Innovation Centre, Bath, BA1 1UD, UK

Building sustainable innovation with bamboo!

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