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Densified + Engineered Structural Bamboo

Cross laminated bamboo panel under test.

From round bamboo to flat Engineered bamboo products.

Technologies and systems for structural uses of bamboo.

Amphibia BASE Ltd (UK) has devised innovative Bamboo densification technologies that convert the typically awkward cylindrical shape of bamboo into a regular and easily industrialised form by converting the canes into straight-edged, flat, structural engineered bamboo product (EBPs).

Our performance-tailored structural design methods ensure structural validation and delivery of high performance engineered bamboo products capable of outperforming solid timber products on structural applications.

This technology combines the benefits of using a readily renewable natural material with the advantages of a refined, custom-made engineered product.…”

- Prof Pete Walker - BRE Trust Chair of Innovative Construction Materials, UK


Technical specifications

1. Mechanical testing of single layer densified bamboo (species Guadua angustifolia).

2. Predicted mechanical properties for cross-laminated bamboo (G-XLam) panels using densified bamboo.

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